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She give me money

when im in need

12/27/05 11:02 am - Well Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday Jake Conder YOU ARE LEGAL!

12/26/05 12:06 pm - Brenna you got me thinking.......

Let's see my first love thing ended. That's all we need to say about that one. Jonathon ecklees died and i cried a bunch and i really don't know why? I also had the whole "preppy" look for about two weeks. I also met mrs.perkins
One day in the lunch line bryan french told my brother I had nice boobs. Lunch was never the same for me after that day.
I turned 15 I also made colorguard.
School let out and I cried at gradution and I don't really know why!
I met LAFE...this kid dated me and than he said we couldn't work because he was gay. I am yet to know if he is gay or not. I got pretty depressed...
I swear my mom could have never embarssed me more in my life.
School started and i had a month were i was like all about juston reardon what was I thinking?
Brennas party the whole cameron thing happened
Cameron broke up with me for no reason? I was pissed but than stalked JAKE CONDOR!! Were together still..AWW
Every saturday with jake. Now thats a good month
Every saturday with jake thats another good month!

12/4/05 12:03 pm

Don't say I'm, More than you deserve, I'm far less, Than what I'd choose, I'd take it back, I'd call it quits, If I wasn't so lucky with you, You brighten my day, You make it okay, We'll wak up the steps together, Not a problem to face, NOt a worry to take, with out you by my side. Your always there to make me feel better, your always there to hold my hand and I can give you a kiss, Just one peck on the lips, and know that everythings right, maybe a god in the sky, or a mouth that dont lie, your what i've been looking for, in my dreams, i have every night, I had one today, when you walked into my life, i felt fine, when we where together i felt okay, until we feel apart, and we went home as two seperate hearts, but everythings fine because you'll call by nine, and we'll join again together i won't dream tonight, i'll sleep peaceful, no fights and we'll talk again forever

11/25/05 12:10 pm

I'm going to try to update a entry but i bet it wont happen.
So Thanksgiving sucked the food was shit. It wasn't worth eating my family sucks at cooking. My cousin Brad is still an asshole to his awesome girlfriend that he doesn't deserve. My uncle and aunt still hate one another did you kno that there together because of all the money they make together? Thats a retarded reason to get married but owell there stupid.
Its 12:12 i just looked at the clock. I get to pick up my pictures from Walmart today yay!! There of me and Jake! Jake is my new boyfriend it's almost been a month pretty exciting i know.
Tarrens party is tomorrow and his coming with me. Anyways I need to find Tarren a gift I'm bad at that..::sigh::
Brenna where ever you are come back I've actually been on the internet and you havent whats wrong with you child? I'm on my parnets good side too for once!
I got 187 dollars from the goverment for doing good on some test...Lets just say they were proud! Proud of me thats a first. NO JOKE! So hopefully this means i get hair dye to redo my hair and they go pick up JAKE tomorrow!

11/20/05 02:09 pm

I'd say it's time to dye the hair again

11/16/05 04:36 pm - my turn..... exciting

If you read this, if your eyes are passing over this right now, even if we don't
speak often, please post a comment with a memory of you and me. It can be
anything you want- good or bad. When you're finished, post this little paragraph
on your livejournal and be surprised (or moritified) about what people remember about

10/29/05 08:39 pm

IM IN LUST.....it's wonderful

10/25/05 03:37 pm

Me and Cameron broke up I thought i was fine with it and would be til i saw him today. I just cried though everytime i saw him idk what to think. Im such a confusing person and hard to get along with to.

10/24/05 06:12 pm

Hi im updating score right now in my life no girl drama..Oh im awesome it actually feels great. Right now though i have extreme chest pains from deep inside and a headache thats never going to end. Can you say heartattact JESUS im in pain. I sound like im a major hardcore smoker its that bad. Anyways tomorrow is me and cameron 4 weeks almost a month yay! So today in jkg we went outside and austin gets isla?..Im going to be bored tomorrow in class...Free me some austin hahha..Halloween is coming up and im thrilled pumped up(as toni would say) Since im active in 4H i get to hand candy out at the halloween trail at vastwood oh boy! Let me tell you though after that im going hardcore trick or treating. Im freezing im truely going to die but owell im sure no one wants to hear this. So buhbye

10/18/05 06:40 pm

So i was wrong me and cameron are doing good it was three weeks today yay!!..Thats the good news though here comes what everyone seems to be posting about now..DRAMA..eek i hate it wish it would go away. I wish i would go away or just simiply move away. Or something good would happen. Since no one seems to be mentioning names here i guess i will..Kelc geez...either say everything between us is okay or say you dont wanna be friends and just stop talking about me and everything. It would make things better. I mean i kno i screwed up/lied but hey im not perfect plus u didnt get the whole story in the first place. So like i said TRUST ME please. WEll that was enough for now so buhbye.
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